Summer Camp Information 2018

posted Jul 20, 2018, 3:40 PM by 21 Army Cadets Cambridge
It's almost time!  The 3 week camp cadets will be leaving next week and the General Training cadets the week after.  There are over 25 of you going soon so, I thought I would give you a heads up on the info you need.

We do not have the bus details yet.  We will let you know the moment we get them but you should count on being at the McDonald's at Homer-Watson early on the Sunday before your camp starts (that would be 29 July for 3 week courses and 5 Aug for GT).

Dress for travel is Head-dress, DEU shirt, DEU pants, DEU belt and parade boots.  No ranks are worn as cadets are all “course cadets” and have no rank. Name tag is optional (But I'd leave it at home so you don't looses it).


Joining Instructions (JIs) with the kit list has been posted on the facebook page, but in case you need the link:


To get on the bus you will need:

-Valid health card

-Signed “offer of participation” – staff will bring this

-Completed transportation form (found in the joining instructions)


Cadets should also complete the following forms found in the JIs:

PERSONAL ARTICLES LOG – can be useful should any personal property go missing


OTC (OVER THE COUNTER) / PRESCRIBED MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION – the CTC staff will not routinely administer any medication to the cadet that isn’t listed on the form, so even if you are bringing Tylenol for an occasional headache make sure it’s listed on the form!  Medication will also be administered as the directions on the package state so make sure their correct for your current situation!


PARENTAL / GUARDIAN LEAVE AUTHORIZATION – It you think there may be someone other then who is listed on the cadet’s offer come to take them out for leave (i.e. aunt/uncle, family friend), list them on the form or else the CTC won’t allow the cadet to leave with that person.


CODE OF CONDUCT – COURSE CADETS – This should be reviewed and signed by the cadet and parent/guardian.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via email (  or you can call/text at 519-654-6759.