Cadet Appointments, 14 Sep 15

posted Sep 16, 2015, 7:23 PM by 21 Army Cadets Cambridge
Congratulations to all the cadets who received appointments on Monday. It was a hard decision where to place people as we had so many strong candidates. After taking your desires into account, consulting with the staff, weighing your strengths and what I believe is best for the Corps, I made my decision. I think we have taken the next step to making the Corps even better then it already is.

Here is the list of appointments. Terms of Reference will be coming out asap.

1 Platoon Sergeant Major - WO Sabourin
1 Platoon 2IC - Sgt Byrne

2 Platoon Sergeant Major - WO Miller
2 Platoon 2IC - WO Clough

Regimental Quarter Master Stores - Sgt Powell
Technical Quarter Master Stores - MCpl Coram

Operations Sgt - Sgt MacDonald
Operations 2IC - Sgt Mills

Chief Clerk - Sgt Nick Cunningham

Training and Standards - WO Lee

Drill Sergeant Major - WO Taggart

We also appointed some secondary duties. These are duties that take place around their regular duties. These are:

Photographers - Sgt Bishop and Sgt Schmakies
Social Media - MCpl Fabon
Recruiting - MCpl Frizzell and MCpl King

MCpl Taggart remains the Corps videographer

Again, congrats to everyone.