09/11/2015 - Changes to Cadet Inspection Procedures

posted Sep 11, 2015, 7:21 AM by 21 Army Cadets Cambridge   [ updated Sep 11, 2015, 7:33 AM ]

Parents and/or Guardians:

This letter is to keep everyone informed of the changes to how we, at the Corps, can better enforce the safety of our cadets.  In particular, this applies to how we control what kit/equipment your cadet/s are allowed to bring on overnight activities, including weekends. 

Recently the procedures for the inspection of a cadets personal belongings was reviewed and changes have been made to better respect the cadets rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The following is an overview of CATO (Cadet Administrative and Training Orders) 12-50.  The CATO outlines the rules and procedures which we, as staff, must follow when conducting inspections of a cadets personal belongings. 

The following are citations from CATO 12-50 which directly pertains to the cadet unit.

1)    CATO 12-50 para.16 states:  Different inspection types can be ordered and conducted, some simultaneously, during the course of a cadet activity. While some may take place frequently as a matter of routine, others might be conducted only when the situation dictates it. The following are the only approved inspection types to which a cadet may be subjected:

a)    uniform inspections;

b)    luggage or kit inspections;

c)     sleeping accommodations’ inspections; and

d)    safety rounds.”

2)    The CATO also states that these inspection types may be conducted by a CAF (Canadian Armed Forces) member or by a civilian instructor or cadet under the general supervision (on-site presence and with clear direction) of a CAF member.

3)    Where it pertains to a cadets luggage/kit inspection, as well as accommodations inspections, the CATO further states if the search is being done by an appointed Civilian Instructor or cadet, the person completing the inspection will be within “line of sight” of a CAF member.

 As stated these are the only types of inspections that will be done as part of our commitment to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the cadets.

As with everything within the CCO(Canadian Cadet Organization) parental consent is key and a vital part to ensuring a safe learning environment.  A “Parental Consent” form will be going home with your enrollment package/Annual Validation forms and will need to be completed before your cadet is able to participate in overnight activities. 

A copy of the complete CATO is available on our cadet website at www.21armycadets.ca as well as in the office at the unit.  If there are any questions please don't hesitate to contact the Commanding Officer Capt. Robbin MacQueen or any member of the Training Staff.