Forward - Cadet and JCR Renewal News

posted Dec 8, 2015, 5:32 PM by 21 Army Cadets Cambridge


1085-15-1 (DCOS Strat Plans)

1.         Attached to this e-mail is Forward, a new interactive poster newsletter aimed at spreading Renewal ideas and encouraging forward thinking in the organizations.

2.         Forward is a linked PDF – clicking on any of the white boxes will automatically take you to more online content related to the story. Readers may need to log in to the extranet portal to see some links.

3.         This interactive version is now posted on the CCO Facebook page ( and can be shared from there via corps, squadron, patrol, RCSU, CRPG or League social media or websites. This newsletter can also be printed out and displayed at the corps or squadron or patrol location, where cadets, JCRs and adult staff and volunteers can easily see the information as printed or find out more by scanning the QR code to access the digital (clickable) version on their personal devices.

4.         To access Forward when scanning with a tablet or smartphone, follow these steps:

a.         Log in to the extranet portal on your device and scan the QR code; and

b.         If a story interests you, click the white box around it or the social media icons (in the Sound Off) to connect.

 5.         Questions and feedback are welcome at

21 Army Cadets Cambridge,
Dec 8, 2015, 5:32 PM