09/04/2015 - Open House Information and Taskings

posted Aug 19, 2015, 7:13 PM by 21 Army Cadets Cambridge   [ updated Sep 11, 2015, 7:33 AM ]

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of the year again, it is Open House time (and the crowds went wild) So, by popular demand, here is the nitty gritty.

When: Sat, 12 Sep 15 - Cadets are to report at 08:30 with the doors open to the public from 13:00 to 16:00. The Support Committee will be providing lunch. Also, for the first time we will be soliciting donations in support of the Cambridge Food Bank. I will be posting a list of items needed later.

Parents - The morning will be a combination of set up and Annual Validation. Every year we have to verify that the information we have on record is current and update where necessary. These forms need your signature. I would like to request that you come into the armoury at some point during the morning to facilitate their completion. All cadets must have these forms completed within a set period of time dictated by HQ or they will not be allowed to continue training so it is very important these are done asap.

Some of the taskings for the Open House were handed out at the Seniors Meeting on Monday. For everyone's information, I will be listing them below. Remember, those who are tasked with creating a display need to get their requests for materials into us asap to allow time for them to be produced. If you wait until the last minute you may not get them. This includes photos, posters and various other equipment. If we don't have it, then we can put it out to the group to see if someone else can help. So, get on organizing it now!!!

Dress for the Open House will be FTU's unless otherwise noted or advised by the OPI (Office of Primary Importance, basically the person in charge).

Open House OIC(Officer in Charge) - Myself

Cadet Coordinator - RSM Brayden Raymond
2IC - CSM David Finnie Jr.

Marksmanship Display
OPI - Joshua Duke
2IC - Jacob Mills

Expedition/FTX Display
OPI - Maddie Byrne
2IC - Ethan Frizzell

Drill Demonstration and Display
OPI - Zachary Taggart
2IC - Lucas James Coram

Band Demonstration and Display (Dress - DEU)
OPI - Willie Jessel
2IC - Savanna Schmakies

Fitness and Sports Demonstration and Display
OPI - CSM Dave Finnie
2IC - Gavin Harper

General Training Display
OPI - Wyatt Powell
Assistants - Ceilidh Davis-Stashans, Cameron Michael Redhead, William Hammill

Advanced Training Display
OPI - RSM Raymond
Assistants - TBD

Orienteering Display
OPI - Erin Bishop
2IC - Connor MacDonald

Weekly Training Display (Dress - DEU)
OPI - Liam Clough
2IC - Sam Cromwell

Greeters (Dress - DEU)
OPI - Joshua Harvie
2IC - Nick Lewis Cunningham
Assistants - Brayden Moore, Chris Picone, Emily King, Ryan Follington

Children's Area
OPI - Tristan Sabourin
Asst - TBD

Administrative Assistants
Ryan Byrne, Aidon Fabon

Any cadets not listed will be assigned duties on the day of the Open House or be notified by an OPI.