Strategic Success: Mentoring and Army Succession Planning

posted Jan 19, 2017, 9:18 AM by 21 Army Cadets Cambridge
Mentoring continues to gain dominance in almost every organization as a means  of ensuring success, maintaining corporate knowledge and aiding in their succession  planning process. The Canadian Forces and in particular the Army, as an organization, is  no different, yet there is little encouragement or direction for leaders within the CF to get  involved in mentoring. Mentoring can be a strong instrument for the Army to develop  and sharpen future leaders for the complex global environment that awaits them. 

Mentoring provides several benefits for both the mentor and the mentee.  The Army, as an organization, will also benefit from a successful mentoring relationship.  The aim of this paper is to explore the potential benefits of having a more structured  mentoring program within the Army and to link it to the current Army succession  planning framework. It is purported that a semi-formal mentoring program, imbedded  within the Army succession planning framework will enhance both the individual’s  career and the organizational effectiveness of the Army. Mentoring will bring all aspects  of the transformational leadership philosophy together and ensure that those leaders  selected in the succession planning process are provided with all the tools necessary to  allow the Army to achieve its strategic mission.