2011/12 Training Year Photos and Videos

Photos from Cambridge Army Cadets 2011/12 Training Year

Summer Training 2012

Summer Training 2012

Summer Training 2012

Never forget your sunglasses at an OCdt's house


Year End Trip - Overnight in Fort George

Year End Trip, 2012 - A Night at Fort George, Ontario

125th Annual Ceremonial Review

125th Annual Ceremonial Review, 9 Jun 2012

FTX Highland Step I

FTX Highland Step I, 4-6 May 2012

Abseil Weekend

Abseil Weekend Apr 2012

Brantford Military Museum

Museum Trip

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 2011

Fall FTX

Fall FTX 2011

Videos from Cambridge Army Cadets 2012/13 Training Year

125th Ceremonial Review f R/Adm Jennifer Bennett

CTV News Story about the Cambridge Army Cadets 125th ACR