Routine Orders, April 2018

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Issued under the authority
Capt M. McConkey, CD
Commanding Officer

Order No: 08-17/18

Last Order No: 07-17/18

1 April 2018, Cambridge ON

All training and procedures are subject to change. All changes will be communicated to staff, cadets and parents as quickly as possible via email, the private Facebook group, web page, Remind message/text and/or telephone – Whichever is determined to be most practical. Cadets should regularly check the Facebook group page as this is generally the easiest method of communication.


Entrance Control on Training Nights - Monday Training nights – Controlled entry to the armoury

Duty NCM

Start of Night Procedures

18:00 hrs - Report to the Orderly Room and retrieve a radio, attendance sheets, duty book and four brassards. Radio checks are to be done immediately. The Duty NCM will then setup a table in the front foyer for attendance.

18:15 hrs - The Duty NCM will allow the cadets to enter however they are not to proceed past the table until their name has been checked off BY the assigned Front Desk Cadet. If they are not on the attendance form the Duty NCM is to have them sign in on the last page of the attendance. No person will be allowed to enter unless they are signed in. As sign in is occurring the Duty NCM will hand out the four brassards to the appropriate parties At no time is the front door to remain open and the cadets must be processed quickly. NO LOITERING IN THE FOYER OR BASEMENT IS ALLOWED. Once cadets have signed in they are to proceed to the parade square as soon as possible.

Any person entering the building who is not a cadet, related to a cadet or a Canadian Forces member must sign the guest book and be escorted by a cadet, assigned by the Duty NCM, to the Orderly Room. The Duty NCM will also radio the Orderly Room to inform them that a guest is on their way.

The Duty NCM will remain in the foyer until opening parade is finished at which time they will carry out their regular duties. The Duty NCM will also continue to carry their radio for the evening and respond to calls as necessary.

End of Night Procedures

Prior to closing parade, the Duty NCM will report to the RSM to receive the Duty Squad list. The Duty NCM will then insure the Front Desk Cadet is manning the foyer to give entrance to arriving parents and will monitor all activity in the vicinity of the entrance to the parade square. After closing parade the Duty NCM will organize and supervise the Duty Squad in carrying out their duties which includes insuring all windows and doors are closed, the classrooms are clean and tidy, the garbage and recycling are removed from the Orderly Room and ALL garbage is disposed of throughout the armoury. The Duty NCM will also be responsible for collecting the four brassards and returning them to their shelf in the office. Any items left behind are to be brought to the Orderly Room. The Duty NCM is also to make note of any cadets who were in attendance but did not report for duty and give this information to the Duty Officer.

Once cleanup is complete the Duty NCM will dismiss the duty squad and report to the Duty Officer.

No duty personnel are to switch their assigned duty with another cadet without the prior approval of the Duty Officer.

Duty Officer

Start of Night Procedures:

18:00 hrs - Report to the Orderly Room and retrieve a radio from the training desk and direct the Duty NCM in setup as needed.

18:15 hrs - The Duty Officer will assist the Duty NCM in organizing the incoming cadets as necessary.

End of Night Procedures:

The Duty Officer will supervise the organizing of the Duty Squad to carry out their assigned duties. Once the Duty Squad has been dismissed, the Duty Officer will inspect the building to insure building security, all lights have been turned off and all garbage has been disposed of. Once the Duty Officer is satisfied he may dismiss the Duty NCM and carry on.

It will also be the Duty Officer and Duty NCM’s responsibility to insure the security of the exterior doors throughout the evening by periodically checking to insure they are closed and locked. The back door to the compound may be used only with the permission of a staff member.

Coats and bags are also not to be left lying around. Coats and bags should only be in the coat area of the basement and nowhere else. Any items found elsewhere in the building will be taken to the Orderly Room for “safe” keeping.

Any cadet who enters the building after the Duty NCM has left the foyer MUST report immediately to the Orderly room before proceeding to class.

Radio Call Signs

Orderly Room – 1
Duty Officer – 2
Duty NCM - 3

Supplemental Training

No cadets or other personnel are to be let into the armoury without being verified by the on duty staff member or without being signed in. The OPI for each activity will remain at the front of the building to verify each person attending the training. This means that any cadet who is attending additional training, such as band, marksmanship, etc. must arrive on time to gain entry. Late arrivals will need to make arrangements with the OPI for entrance.

The on duty staff member is to ensure all personnel connected with 21 have left the armoury prior to departure. As per above, no bags or personal belongings are to be left behind and they are to insure the building is secure if they are the last CF member to leave.


9 April:

Duty Officer – Capt MacQueen
Duty NCM – WO Bryne
Front Desk – MCpl Petel
Duty Squad – Lahey, Barnes, Muir, Johnson

16 April:

Duty Officer – Lt Shand
Duty NCM – Sgt. Dickson
Front Desk – Mcpl Montgomery
Duty Squad – Band

23 April:

Duty Officer – Lt McLellan
Duty NCM – WO Taylor
Front Desk – Cpl Ferraz
Duty Squad – A. Taggart, Morrison, Cabardo, Muir

30 April:

Duty Officer – 2Lt Docherty
Duty NCM – WO Frizzell
Front Desk – WO Silver
Duty Squad – Flag Party

Note: The Duty NCM will report to the Duty Officer NLT 1800hrs on the date of scheduled duty. Duty Staff will notify the Duty Officer if they are unable to complete their tour of duty. The Duty NCM is responsible for ensuring all members of the duty squad are present, all tasks are completed as instructed and informing the Duty Officer of any assigned personnel who fail to report for duty.


Cadets must inform the orderly room of any changes to your information immediately. This includes changes of address, phone numbers, etc. This can be done by either reporting to the Orderly Room or by email at

Double check the expiration date on your health cards. If they are about to expire please ensure the Administration Officer is informed of your new number and expiration date.

Don’t forget to check the Facebook group and the 21 website on a regular basis.



1800 Staff and Duty NCM arrival
1815 Armoury Open
1825 Cadets will form up in their sections for inspection
1835 Opening Parade
1855 1st Period
1930 2nd Period
2005 10-minute break
2015 3rd Period
2050 Closing Parade
2100 Dismissal, duty personnel report for duty


Date Time Activity

3 Apr 1800-2000 Drill Team

7 Apr 1300-1500 Band – Monseignor Doyle

9 Apr 1800-2100 LHQ Training

10 Apr 1800-2100 Joint Band

14 Apr 1300-1500 Band – Monseignor Doyle

16 Apr 1800-2100 LHQ Training

17 Apr 1800-2100 Joint Band

17 Apr 1800-2000 Drill Team

21 Apr 1300-1500 Band – Monseignor Doyle

22 Apr TBD Urban Adventure Race

23 Apr 1800-2100 LHQ Training

24 Apr 1800-2100 Joint Band

30 Apr 1800-2100 LHQ Training


Officer and Staff Appointments

CO / Rctg O - Capt McConkey

Ops O / Security /Fire Prevention Officer – Nil

ADMIN O / UCCMA / Standards Officer - Lt McLellan

Trg O – Lt Shand

Sup O / ATrg O / Sports O – Lt Taggart

1 Platoon Commander – 2Lt Docherty

2 Platoon Commander – Lt McLellan

Green Star Instructor – CV Shand

Red Star Instructor – Lt Taggart

Silver Star Instructor – Lt Shand

Gold Star – 2Lt Docherty

Master Cadet – CV Primeau

Cadet Appointments

Regimental Sergeant Major – MWO Byrne

Company Sergeant Major –MWO MacDonald

Drill Sergeant Major – WO Lee

Regimental Quarter Master Stores – MWO Follington

1 Platoon Sergeant Major – WO Finnie

1 Platoon 2IC – MCpl Abbott

2 Platoon Sergeant Major – WO Ray

2 Platoon 2IC – Sgt Taylor

GT Platoon Sergeant Major – WO Taggart

GT Platoon 2IC – WO Silver

Regimental Quarter Master Stores – WO Follington

Technical Quarter Master Stores - Empty

Operations SM – MWO Mills

Recruiting – Sgt Dickson

Chief Clerk – WO Frizzell

Training and Standards – MWO Campbell

Photographers – WO Byrne, MCpl Abbott

Social Media – WO Taggart

Medic – Cpl Goodall, WO Follington


Saluting In The Armoury

The armoury is designated a non-saluting zone. Cadets are required to simply check their arms to their sides when passing a person of higher rank in the halls or on the parade square (including CV/CIs). Cadets will still be required to salute when entering an office in which an officer is present or when approaching an officer directly.

CCM Harassment Policy

The Canadian Cadet Movement does not tolerate harassment in any form. We will uphold the zero tolerance policies laid out by Department of National Defence. No member of the CCM shall harass physically, sexually, verbally or mentally any Cadet, Officer or Civilian. This includes but is not limited to bullying or taunting by word, gesture or electronic means. Zero tolerance means that anyone found to go against this policy will be disciplined in accordance with Cadet Administrative and Training Orders. The most severe of which, (other than criminal harassment), will result in expulsion from the Corps. Cadets are strongly encouraged to report any and all forms of harassment to a senior cadet or staff member.

Reporting Absences

Cadets should not be posting absences to the Facebook group as this drives down important announcements. Reporting an absence can be done by calling the Orderly Room at 519-623-6406, email at or by text message through the Remind system. Cadets may also report absences through their Platoon Chain of Command.

Searches and Inspection of Cadets

CATO 12-50 established the policy on searches and inspections of cadets during approved activities conducted in Canada or abroad. At different moments during the training or activity, the cadet may be subjected to an inspection of his/her sleeping accommodations, luggage, kit, equipment, locker(s) or storage area(s). These will be conducted or supervised by a Canadian Armed Forces member, and will serve to verify that:

· the cadet’ sleeping accommodations, locker(s) and storage area(s) are clean and orderly;

· the cadet is carrying the proper equipment and it is in good condition and properly maintained;

· the cadet’s health and safety is not at risk; and

· the cadet does not have prohibited, restricted or unauthorized items in his/her possession, as listed in the joining instructions or other information document provided under separate correspondence.

If found, prohibited and restricted items will be handed to the applicable police agency (military or civilian) with some exceptions, while unauthorized items shall either be confiscated for the duration of the training or activity or sent back to the cadet’s home at the parents expense, whichever is more practical and economical with some exceptions.

Corrective measures could be taken against a cadet for failing any criteria or search or for refusing to submit to an inspection, in accordance with CATO 15-22 Conduct and Discipline – Cadets, up to and including being expelled from the training or activity.

If needed, searches of a cadet’s person, property, lockers, luggage, kit or sleeping area for the purposes of discovering contraband, illicit or stolen property, or some evidence of guilt to be used in the prosecution of an offence, will be conducted only by the Military Police or a civilian police agency.

Any questions related to CATO 12-50 should be directed to staff.

Remind Text Service

Now that the website is complete we are moving onto our next effort at improved communications in the Corps. To facilitate this we have implemented a text messaging/email system. To join our group, go to

Dress and Deportment

Dress for regular training nights is DEU. If you have not been issued your DEU, or are awaiting replacement items, the dress is white shirt, black pants and dark shoes.

Gym clothing, yoga pants, t-shirts and other "casual" clothing is not to be worn while at cadets unless authorized by the CO. Cadets who are not dress appropriately will not be allowed to parade.

Discipline will be more stringently enforced this year. Chits will result immediately in extra duties with a second chit resulting in more stringent disciplinary actions. The Admin O will create a tracking method for chits to include the reason and removal date from file. This will allow us to more accurately track behavioural issues.

When you come to cadets you are expected to meet the standard required by regulations. Hair is to be properly done and/or cut and males must be clean shaven. It has been noticed by our HQ that personal dress and deportment at the Corps has been slipping.

Failure to meet these basic requirements will result in disciplinary action and/or the cadet being sent home until such time as the deficiencies are rectified. Further, failure to meet these requirements can affect future promotions as all aspects of a Cadet’s behavior and conduct are now taken into consideration.

You all joined cadets knowing the rules (which is why we have you sign the Code of Conduct), so start following them. There will be spot inspections by the officers as well as the normal inspections by Platoon Commanders.

Tailoring discounts

If you are unable to sew your badges or ranks on your tunic, Saltsman Cleaners and Tailors at 26 Ainslie (between Main and Dickson) has said they will sew them on for $2 per badge. The placement guide is on the website for you to show them.

Support Committee

As cadets and officers are preparing for the new training year, the Support Committee is also elbow deep in work for the upcoming year. The support committee is really the engine that drives the corps, and they work tirelessly to provide the funding for things that are not paid for by DND. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes jobs that they need help to keep 21 running. They are always looking for parents to volunteer their time to help make things happen. To reach the support committee you can reach out to Mary MacDonald (or any committee member) at the armoury every parade night and during most outings.


The Support Committee will be running a canteen during class breaks for all cadets. Please make sure any garbage is put in the garbage can. The canteen is a privilege so please treat it accordingly.


M. McConkey, CD
Commanding Officer

Dist List: Corps Website, Corps Bulletin Board, Support Committee, Admin O, Trg O