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Brayden Raymond

Cambridge Army Cadets Regimental Sergeant Major leads the Corps in a march past
MWO Brayden Raymond was born on February 19th 1999 to Rebecca and James Raymond in Cambridge Ontario. Shortly after his birth he moved away from the city to Fordwich, Ontario where he spent the following 12 years. During his time in Fordwich, MWO Raymond developed an interest in History and the Canadian military. His interests prompted him to join Army Cadets shortly after his 12th birthday in 2011.

Initially he investigated Air Cadets but after spending 5 minutes in the building decided the blue was not for him. He then joined 1943 RCACC located in Palmerston, Ontario. A few months later MWO Raymond attended his first Annual Ceremonial Review and received his first promotion to Lance Bombardier. That summer he attended the General Training course at Blackdown CTC located on CFB Borden.

Following Summer Camp, MWO Raymond moved back to Cambridge and therefore had to switch corps. In September 2011 Raymond became a part of 21 RHFC RCACC. After a mostly uneventful year Raymond was getting very excited for summer camp, he was to take part in the Basic Leadership course ( Now Basic D and C) unfortunately in the days leading up to camp MWO Raymond became extremely sick and was bed ridden and could not attend camp. Fearing he had fallen behind but still eager to attend cadets Raymond returned that September (2012) to 21 where, during the fall of that year, Raymond received his promotion to Corporal.

RSM Raymond showing off for the Cambridge Army Cadets
In the spring of 2013 he had the opportunity to try out for 21’s Flag Party, Raymond became one of the rifle guards for the Flag Party that year. During the 2012/2013 training year Raymond also began learning to play the bagpipes. At the Annual Ceremonial Review of that year Raymond won the Best Senior NCO Award.  

During the summer of 2013 Raymond attended the Expedition Instructor course at Blackdown CTC and became certified in Standard First Aid and as a cadet expedition instructor. He thoroughly enjoyed this summer and accepted the challenge of the 18 day expedition and coming out successful.

The 2013/2014 training year held large changes for Raymond as he had both promotions to Master Corporal and Sergeant and attained his first leadership position as the Flag Party Commander. However throughout the year he decided to give up his command in favour of playing Bagpipes with the Pipes and Drums band. During the Annual Ceremonial Review of the 2013/2014 year Raymond won the Best Dress and Deportment award. That summer MWO Raymond did not attend a summer camp and in place of that found himself a part-time job.

Cambridge Army Cadets Change of Stick Ceremony
In September 2014 Raymond was promoted to Warrant Officer and took over command of 2 Platoon. He regularly taught Green Star level classes throughout the training year. In the spring of 2015 Raymond applied for his MWO review board in the hopes of receiving his promotion to Master Warrant Officer. That same training year Raymond attended his review board and shortly thereafter received the promotion to MWO. During this time the current Company Sergeant Major turned 19 and aged out of the program opening up yet another position for Raymond to advance to. After some hard work Raymond achieved the position of CSM.

Shortly after achieving CSM and MWO, the current RSM of the unit left and Raymond was promoted to Regimental Sergeant Major of the unit. MWO Raymond received his 4 year service medal at the 2015 Annual Ceremonial Review. The following summer of 2015 Raymond attended the Cadet Leadership and Challenge course located in Alberta at Rocky Mountain Cadet Training Center, one of the most prestigious courses in the Army cadet program.

This September Raymond will be returning as RSM and has his sights set on his final promotion to Chief Warrant Officer and the Lord Strathcona medal as well as another advanced course.