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Captain Robbin MacQueen

Captain MacQueen, a native of Woodstock, Ontario, enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1982 as an Armoured Crewman.  After completing 10 weeks of basic at Canadian Forces Recruit School Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, Captain MacQueen was posted to the 8th Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise’s), part of the Special Service Force at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ontario.

Promoted to Corporal in 1986, Captain MacQueen participated in many different activities while in Petawawa including major combat exercises in Wainwright, Alberta and Gagetown, New Brunswick.  In 1987, with the departure of the 8CH to Lahr, Germany, Captain MacQueen “rebadged” to become a member of the Royal Canadian Dragoons. 

In 1988, while still a member of the RCD’s, Captain MacQueen was attached posted to the Special Service Force Pipes and Drum’s to become a piper.  Captain MacQueen was privileged to have played with the band for a number of events most notably being for the First Special Service Force (Devils Brigade) reunion in San Diego, California where he met a number of former members made famous in the movie.

In 1989, Captain MacQueen took an occupational transfer to Administration, which later became Resource Management Support.  Upon completion of 12 weeks training at the Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics at Canadian Forces Base Borden, Captain MacQueen was posted to HS443 Helicopter Squadron in Victoria, British Columbia, a naval helicopter squadron which had just transferred to the west coast.

In 1992, Captain MacQueen was posted to the Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt Central Registry where he was part of team administering to the personnel files for all the sailors posted to the base.  In 1994, Captain MacQueen received his Canadian Decoration for 12 years of service.  That year Captain MacQueen was given his final posting of his regular force career to Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Prevost, a Naval Reserve unit in London, Ontario, where he took his release in 1998.

However, the Forces would pull him back in.  Running into a cadet tagging at a local store in Alvinston, Ontario where Captain MacQueen was living got him thinking about becoming involved in the Canadian Cadet Movement.  In 2005, Captain MacQueen became a Civilian Volunteer with 2097 Army Cadets in Forest, Ontario until it closed in 2007 then to 6 Oneida Army Cadets just outside London, Ontario.

Captain MacQueen was sworn in as a Cadet Instructor Cadre officer in February 2008 while with #6 before moving to 102 Army Cadets in Sarnia, Ontario in 2009 when #6 closed.  In December 2011, Captain MacQueen moved to Kitchener, Ontario and became an officer with 21.

In his civilian life, Captain MacQueen has worked a variety of jobs including positions with various federal departments as well as driving truck and as a field technician for an archeology company.  Recently he returned to college to get his diploma in business.