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Lieutenant Richard Shand

Lt. Shand, who was born in Petrolia, Ontario. and attended Queen Elizabeth Public school from 1988 - 1997.  Graduating with honours he moved on to Lambton Central 
Collegiate Vocational Institute from 1997 - 2002 where he graduated on the principals roll of distinction winning multiple awards and honours in both elementary and secondary school. 

Lt. Shand became a cadet when he joined 2563 Petrolia First Hussars RCACC in 1995
and became part of 2563's newly formed Pipes and Drum Band.  Lt. Shand later transferred to 2097 Forest First Hussars RCACC in Forest Ontario.   Throughout his cadet career, Lt. Shand received multiple awards including: Distinguished marksman, RSM(Chief Warrant), Pipe major and Level 5 piper.  He also attended many camps during the summers including: Basic, CL, CLI and advanced Pipes and Drums.  In addition, Lt. Shand completed two years of staff, one with the Pipes and Drums of Blackdown and one with the "Bravo" Company adventure course. 

Lt Shand looking a little tired after his forced march
Upon completion of his cadet service, Lt. Shand stayed on with 2097 as a Civilian Instructor teaching all levels, as well as starting up a small band.  While 
with 2097 Lt. Shand made the decision to become a Cadet Instructors Cadre officer.  As an officer, Lt. Shand has worked with different cadet units including 2923 Middlesex Huron RCACC in Exeter, Ontario, and #11 Strathroy RCACC in Strathroy, Ontario. 

Lt. Shand joined 21 RHFC ACC in the fall 2009 as a silver star instructor.  He stayed in this position until being appointed as training officer in 2013.