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Thinking about joining 21 Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada Army Cadet Corps (21 RHFC ACC)? You’re in the right place!

Join the cadet program!

We have an open house in mid-September to show demonstrations and to give you a chance to meet the 21 Army Family, but we accept new cadets every week from September until the end of the training year in June. You can sign up any time after your 12th birthday, and you can stay until you turn 19.

When you come to sign up, we need to see a few documents:

  • Proof of age

  • Proof of Citizenship, which can be any of the following;

    • A valid Canadian passport

    • A birth certificate issued by any Canadian provincial, territorial, or federal government agency.

    • Any card, visa, or permit (for example, for work, study, or residency) that has a photo of you, and was issued by the Canadian government.

    • Any identification card (with or without photo) issued by a provincial, territorial, or federal government agency.

  • Proof of health insurance, such as provincial health insurance card (your Health Card or OHIP card), or private insurance (such as Blue Cross).

You can complete this process online. If you don’t do this part ahead of time, we can give you one when you get here. It’s important that this application is accurate, including the health questionnaire, as it becomes part of your cadet record.

Fill in the Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information form. We also have copies of this available when you get here. This one is important because cadets spend time out in the community, and they stand out from the crowd. Media outlets and event participants often take pictures, and we need to know you’re OK with that.

Read and sign the Rules of Conduct for Cadets. As a cadet, you need to behave in a manner which reflects the values of the Cadet Movement. We expect all cadets who join 21 RHFC ACC to adhere to our code of conduct. Don’t just sign it. Make sure you understand it.

Fill in the Cadet Contact Information form. We try to keep parents and cadets informed about what is happening, and we sometimes need to find you beyond our weekly parade night.

Write us a giant check to register. Just kidding! Joining cadets is free! The program is free to join, but it is not free to run. We are funded by the Department of National Defense in partnership with the civilian Army Cadet League of Canada and our local sponsor, the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 272 in Hespeler. These groups, along with cadet and parental effort at twice-yearly tagging weekends, fundraising campaigns, and other sponsorships mean that there is no cost to families for fees, uniforms, and supplemental instruction (such as band, orienteering, or marksmanship team training).

Congratulations, after all that, you’re a member of 21 Army Cadets. Don’t worry, you haven’t joined the military. The Cadet program is a great way to have fun, be challenged, and make friends. You’ll also find out more about Canada and develop new skills that will benefit you throughout your life, no matter what career you choose. Welcome to the 21 Army family!

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