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Military and Cadet Acronym Primer

Military and Cadet Acronym Primer

Commanding Officer - Member of the adult staff directly responsible for the running of the Cadet Corps

Company Sergeant Major – Cadet appointed to be responsible for the company; second highest appointment in the corps. Reports to and works with the RSM to ensure the smooth running of the corps.

Distinctive Environmental Uniform - Refers to the dress uniform worn by the cadets. There are several versions that cadets may be asked to wear; however, when dress is announced as DEU, it means one of the following two versions:

Full DEU: Beret, shirt with necktie, jacket (tunic), trousers with belt, boots. When you are reading CATO 46-01, this is C1 dress regulation.

Short order DEU: Summer dress kit, including Beret/balmoral/glengarry, shirt cadet short sleeve, trousers with belt, boots ankle. When you are reading CATO 46-01, this is C2A.

Technically, FTU is also a flavour of the DEU, however, when we are speaking about it, it will always be referred to as FTU alone. When you are reading CATO 46-01, FTU is C5. For more information, see FTU, below.

In addition to this, you may be asked to wear a more formal version of the DEU to mess dinners. The difference between the Full DEU and the Mess DEU is that cadets wear a white collared shirt and a black bowtie with their tunic, trousers, belt, boots, and headgear. If you are given an appointment of RSM, CSM, or DSM, you are permitted to wear the cadet highland uniform. For more information, see CATO 46-01.

Drill Sergeant Major - Cadet responsible for ensuring Corps drill is done correctly.

Expedition Cadet Training. A specific weekend training required by silver star candidates (spring) and gold star candidates (fall). Cadets will not graduate their star level without completing this training.

Field Training Uniform – Refers to the field training uniform. Consists of olive-green trousers and shirt, Field Training Boots (aka combat boots), RCAC slip-ons, Head-dress (beret, tan wide-brimmed summer hat, turban, or toque). For more information, see CATO 46-01 Army Cadet Dress Regulations

Field Training Exercise - In cadets this refers to the mandatory camping weekends organized by the Corps. For more information see FTX FAQs (Link to the FTX FAQ page)

Officer in Charge/ 2nd in Charge. This refers to an officer or cadet who is in charge of the corps or a group of cadets (such as a platoon at the armory, or section on an excursion such as FTX).

Platoon Sergeant Major - See SM

Quarter Master - This where equipment and uniforms are stored and issued

Regimental Quarter Master Stores - Cadet appointed to work directly with the Supply Officer in the running of QM

Regimental Sergeant Major - The senior cadet in a Corps who appointed to be in charge of all cadets and reports directly to the CO.

Sergeant Major - This is known as a parade appointment, meaning a senior position in charge of a group such as a platoon or corps. Appointments are at the CO's discretion and are not dependent on rank.

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